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At the tender age of 14 Anthony wanted to begin boxing training after watching Mike Tyson but Anthonys Mother would not let him, after some time Anthonys mother agreed to let Anthony go to a youth boxing club in Leyton, east London, run by Fimber Harper, as he was a trusted family friend. Anthony was then trained there by Fimber and Jeff after 6 months of training vigorously Anthony's mother was still not happy for him to step in to the boxing ring to fight.  Fimber could see that Anthony was getting very good so decided to disregard Anthonys mothers orders and allowed Anthony to Spar with an older teen, once Anthonys mother heard about the sparring she did not allow Anthony to go back to the boxing youth club. With Anthonys love and natural talents in sports he went in to other ventures such as football, basketball and athletics in school.


Years later at the youthful age  of 18, Anthony returned to boxing again with amateur coach Tony Cesay then with only 12 amature fights Anthony rapidly began his professional career in May 2015 with professional coach Tunde Ajayi and Ade Olayinka making his professional debut with a KO win.


Yarde began to project out in the light heavy weight division moving swiftly in his professional career following on from his amateur journey with a high knock out ratio.


Anthony has always been obsessed with progression. He believes that the measure of growth don't change and even a small amount of growth was still progress.



Yarde often enjoyed basketball and football with friends up until this day he still partakes in friendly games regularly outside of the boxing ring.


Anthony Yarde made it apart of his daily lifestyle to engage in anything sporty. From his junior years where he attended Maryland primary school in east London Yarde was no stranger to the football pitch as he moved on to secondary school where he attended Forest Gate Community School. Yarde was handpicked to be on the athletics team for Newham Academy run by Olympic gold medalist Tessa Sanderson.


Later in his teens Anthony trialed for championship league football team QPR where he obtained an injury during the trail game. At aged 14 Anthony’s mother then introduced him to boxing training in Leyton county where he trained for a few months before going in to athletics for Newham.


Yarde then returned back to boxing gym when he was 18 once athletics came to an end, he realized upon his return that he wanted to take the sport of boxing serious. Yarde then went on to train at age 18 with his Amateur boxing coach Tony Cesay before turning pro at 19.


"Plant the seed of what you want in your mind, nurture it, and it will become a reality."


It's a mentality

— Anthony Yarde

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